Our Teachers
Egita Vāvere
Teacher of a Toddlers group (1.5 -3 y.o.)
Implementing children's development in freedom, peace and harmony, at the same time organizing their daily lives, taking care of cleanliness and coziness. Egita's job responsibilities include assessing each child individually and offering appropriate tasks, encouraging and helping them to realize them.

Egita's unique work style lies in the atmosphere she creates, Egita is able to 'enchant' each child individually and in a group as a whole, is able to see everything that happens in a room or children's playground, finds an elegant approach to the most intense situations.

Egita's achievements:
Riga School of Design and Art, metal department;
RTU - product design program, wooden department; University of Latvia - Faculty of pedagogy, psychology and arts, Preschool education teacher' program; Kates school, Practical Montessori pedagogy 3 year course.

Egita is gentle and nice, we do her hair and we are singing together.
— Bella, 3 y.o.
Natalija Smildziņa
Teacher of a Toddlers group (1.5 -3 y.o.)
Natalija joined our team at the beginning of the school year 2020 and quickly became part of the everyday life of the Montessori Māja. Loving, sincere and patient; children are reaching out to Natalia. She is responsible, attentive to colleagues and does not get confused in challenging situations. Doing her job with ease Natalia is
open to everything new.

In 1994 Natalija graduated from Riga Aviation University, Labor Economics and Sociology program, then worked for seven years at the pre-school educational institution "Ēvrika" as a teacher with youngest children till the pre-school age.

Natalia is very musical and includes musical elements like singing and rhythmic in her lessons. At the Montessori Māja, she had the opportunity to choose the age group
she would prefer to work with. And she did not hesitate to choose the smallest ones.

Kristaps Orups
Teacher of a Preschool group (3-6 y.o)
Creative person with a wide range of interests, Kristaps has been interested in nature and its interaction with us since childhood. He attended primary and secondary school at Riga Secondary School No. 6 with a musical direction, playing the clarinet in three orchestras, and later, through self-study and with teachers, learned musical instruments of different nations.

Kristaps, a high school researcher, linked his further interests to a person studying in psychology at the University of Latvia. During his studies, Kristaps started cooperating with the SOS Children's Villages Association in Latvia, together with psychologist Daci Beināri creating a project, the Camp Support Program for Grieving Families, now called 'Kalniem pāri' which over time changed its
form towards supporting therapeutic groups.

As time went on, interest in people and mankind development grew for Kristaps and his path led to meeting Nina Stepanova, who sparked an interest in the educational institution "Montessori House" and to delve into Maria Montessori's pedagogical and psychological methodologies.

In Collaboration with"Montessori Māja" Kristaps initiated a distance learning program in the United States, Age Of Montessori, with Dr. Mary Ellen Mounz, the most fantastic and experienced mentor in the field. All of Kristaps' interests have led him to eight years of experience in adventures with children and families, nature and the universe.

Kristaps is currently working as a specialist: a teacher for children with special needs, a Montessori teacher, a musician, and a manager of outdoor / pedagogical, adventure events for families 'Terra Nova' and 'Dwarf Hunt'.

"Kristaps is very cool. He brings us to the museums on Fridays. We are never bored with him. Friday is my favorite day."

– Erika (6 y.o.)
Sintija Pujāte
Open-minded arts teacher
Sintija Pujāte no longer remembers exactly how she became acquainted with Montessori pedagogy. It is like a child who has learned to ride a bicycle and no longer remembers how he did it. So there is this feeling that the Montessori philosophy has always been there.

For Sintija, the Montessori pedagogical method helps not only to educate children, but also to organize their thoughts and subjects around them, everything seems so logical, reasonable and sequential in this method.

Sintija has studied Montessori pedagogy at 'Pētnieku darbnīca' and is currently studying specialty as a preschool teacher at the University of Latvia. Sintija enjoys exploring the world with children, reading stories and investigating the world for its good and beauty.

Charlotte Mallinson
Qualified TEFL teacher, B.Ed English language teacher and primary education- in progress
Charlotte has previously worked in roles such as classroom teacher, English language teacher, arts and crafts teacher, tutor, mentor, and teaching assistant.

She has over 6 years of teaching experience in Latvia, the Czech Republic, and The UK, working with students from the age of 3 all the way up to adults, in various settings from an international school, to youth centers, various types of schools, and private tuition. She has also worked as a methodologist and illustrator for preschool English workbooks. She is the 3rd generation of teachers in her family.

Charlotte is the 3rd generation of teachers in her family
Delphine Beukelaers
French teacher
Delphine is a world traveller since her earliest days. Her interest in the world and its beauty goes back to her childhood, when she used to spend full days in
forest photographing animals, plants and landscapes. She attended later INRACI's photography and cinematography school in Belgium. She then left to work a few years
in the French Alps and ended up in Latvia in 2015.

Delphine has been working for more than 5 years as a nanny for families in many countries. In Rīga, she worked in Exupery International school (Piņķi), where she took the roles of assistant, classroom teacher and French language teacher over the course of 4 years. She has joined Montessori Māja following the need of a career change and the desire to learn the Montessori method. When she isn't at the kindergarten, she is giving French private tutoring to children of all ages.

Delphine comes from a family of teachers and during her free time, she is learning metalsmithing / jewelry.

"Delphine is kind, but sometimes strict. I like to drink tea with her and to
make a cake. I also like to fool around and play wolf with her."

— Eva, 3 y.o.
Jason, Chinese name Chen Jian
Chinese teacher
Jason has been working in Latvia as Chinese teacher for children and adults for six years. Jason has been teaching Chinese in Riga Classical Gymnasium school, Polish Secondary School, German kindergarten and Montessori
kindergarten. He has extensive teaching experience and applies different learning methods for students of different ages introducing Chinese culture.

Jason holds a diploma as 1-12th grade English teacher from Mudanjiang Teachers College and Beijing Language and Culture University.

"Jason is teaching us Chinese, he is funny and making us laugh. With him we are learning, dancing, walking in the park or playground. It is interesting to spend time with him."

— Matvey, 6 y.o.
Candy, Chinese name Du Yu Tong
Chinese teacher
Candy has been teaching Chinese to preschool students in Latvia for six years in Riga Polish Secondary School, German kindergarten, Montessori kindergarten. Her method with younger students includes singing Chinese songs, playing different educational, fun and role games. Kids love her very much.

Candy went through a government licensed children caretaker course "Bērnu aprūpes pamati".

Candy is kind and a little bit funny. She taught me how to make ships and monsters from paper. In autumn we gathered fallen leaves and she has made roses from these leaves without any rubbers or thread.

— Esther, 6 y.o.
Sandra Guļāne
Open-minded arts teacher
Open-minded arts teacher. She uses different techniques to show her affection for the arts. This involves movement and pantomime, introducing shapes and geometry, mixing colours and textures, using big scale workspaces as well as tiny ones. Sandra is a person of great creativity, great patience and understanding of a child's nature.

Sandra's arts experience comes from the fashion industry being a make-up artist. She spent some time in Paris where she lived and worked and got a lot of diplomas like Trucher's Makeup Academy etc…

Sandra is cheerful and kind. We draw with her and she cooks for us soup, white rice and vegetables.

— Freja, 4 y.o.
Sandra is cheerful and kind. We draw with her and she cooks for us soup, white rice and vegetables.

— Freja, 4 y.o.