Our Vision
Kindergarten "Montessori Māja" invites you to get acquainted with our unique world, which stands firmly on the educational principles of Maria Montessori paired with the need for early bilingual development.

Our professional team will create a joyful atmosphere and meaningful process that will empower your child and introduce him into the world of harmonious freedom.

Latvian is the main language of communication, but if necessary, the teacher easily switches to Russian or English. Children of the older group will have the opportunity to study Chinese 20 hours a week with native speaker teachers. Additionally in the program: singing, English, museum day and painting.

"Montessori Māja" is serving vegetarian meals and a vegan option is available as well.

Prepared environment is a base element of Montessori pedagogy. Without it, it cannot function as a system. The prepared environment gives the child the opportunity to gradually, step by step, free himself from the care of an adult and become independent. Therefore, the equipment in the environment should correspond to the height, proportions and age of the child.
In Montessori Māja children are given the opportunity to choose their own place to practice, they learn to rearrange objects as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others. Our environment is aesthetically pleasing and elegant, fragile porcelain is even used as according to the Montessori method: children must learn confidence in handling fragile objects and be aware of their value.
Our layout meets certain Montessori criteria, with a goal to provide conditions for concentrated work and the development of children's independence. The rooms are spacious, bright, sustained in calm colors and have access to water. Sinks are in the child's access area, toilets are arranged at a height accessible to the child or equipped with stands. In the class, indoor plants are always present at a height accessible to the child so that children can take care of them.

The materials are freely available, at the eye level of the child. This is a call to action. Each type of material is available in only one copy. This should teach the child social behavior in relation to other children, taking into account their needs. Children take care of their environment themselves. By this they acquire the skills of independence.